We are not alone in our views on contemporary mainstream radio. Not only the vast majority of listeners agree with our general sentiments, but – thankfully – a growing number of top professionals are beginning to object to the status quo.

Today, we wanted to bring you a brief clip from Mark Ramsey. Mark heads the US division of International research firm Radio Intelligence. He also heads Mark Ramsey Media LLC and authors the blogs hear2.com and MovieJuice.com. He is a board member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association.

Please listen to this short clip. What would seem OBVIOUS to any “normal” person almost totally escapes the average Program Director (PD)… In the words of Dave van Dyke (CEO of Bridge Ratings), “PD’s don’t want to change their narrow views because they don’t yet feel the very real threat of being totally abandoned by their listeners.”

Enjoy this 2-minute clip!

For more information about Mark Ramsay:

http://www.moviejuice.com http://twitter.com/markramseymedia http://www.facebook.com/markramseymedia

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