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Some very accomplished people in the music business think Fame Games has got it going on…

The quotes below (arranged in alphabetical order) are from emails, conversations and public interviews…

  • “Fame Games is absolutely great!” Al B Sure! (incredibly influential R&B producer and songwriter, behind such discoveries as Jodeci, Timbaland and scores more)
  • “Wicked! Wicked! Wicked! As a producer and consultant based in the UK, I feel confident that such a project run well could attract considerable media interest and public support.” Andy Hayman (songwriter, producer, music consultant – credits include Appleton (All Saints), Liam Gallagher (Oasis), Ronan Keating (Boyzone), Sugababes , Smoke 2 Seven , Wonita, Gareth Gates, Bananarama, Lee Ryan, Jo O’Meara (S-Club 7), Metrophonic, Ray Hedges and more)
  • “It’s a great concept” Andy McClusky (songwriter, producer, manager – founder member of Orchestral Mannouvres in the Dark, founder of Atomic Kitten, and much more)
  • “It all sounds like great fun, and I’m keen to help!” Andy Tumi (songwriter, producer, artist – Sugababes, Fishbowl, Da Funk, Point Break, Supafly, and many more)
  • “Pleased to hear that your ideas are taking off. You deserve it. I will be glad to help out.” Brian Reza (top London manager whose roster includes hit songwriters Rob Davis, Kathy Dennis and more)
  • ” I think it is a very “natural” idea.” Charles Law (top London music lawyer, involved in the creation of the original Pop Idol contracts, some of his clients are top UK artists today)
  • “I wish you all the best!” Derek Lawrence (producer, credits include Deep Purple, Wishbone Ash, Quiet Riot, Labi Siffre, Cockney Rebel, and many more)
  • “The one service missing for the Indie artists today is promotion. You seem to be on the right path!” Derek Sivers (founder of CD-Baby)
  • “This is a great project.” Jeremy Nargi (manager, involved with many up-and-coming UK bands, includig Fast Food Rockers)
  • “MMI staff are extremely professional and the music they turn out is absolutely world class. I’ve known them for years and can recommend them wholeheartedly. Their studios and facilities are ideal for artist development and are delightfully situated in the California of Europe – Marbella. Working with MMI can benefit ANY artist.” John Coletta (r.i.p.) (An endorsement of one of the world’s most successful music managers, whose past successes included Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Rainbow, Michael Schenker Group, “Ray of Light” by Madonna, and many more.)
  • “It’s amazing that nobody’s thought of this before!” Justin Rigby (London-based publicist, artist agent)
  • “Best wishes always!” Kim Appleby (founding member of pop group Mel & Kim)
  • “Fame Games is the coolest game in town!” Lionel Richie (superstar songwriter and singer)
  • “Let’s GO for this kind of show!. I know very few Hollywood producers who would accomplish as much as and as well as you guys did in such a short space of time” Mary-Jane Trokel (Hollywood TV director & producer, credits include The Tonight Show, Entertainment Tonight, Solid Gold, Candid Camera, and many more top US TV shows)
  • “The concept is certainly interesting” Paul Flannagan (Owner of Nomadic Records, producer, worked with Catherine Wheel, Pulp, Ash, Suede, Martina Topley-Bird, White Town, Soundgarden, Four Tet, Andy Gray (Paul Oakenfold’s co-writer and co-writer of the Big Brother worldwide theme),  Smashing Pumpkins, Pavement, Add N to X, Ooberman, Supermen Lovers,  Ocean Colour Scene, Gemma Hayes, Kenickie, James, The Levellers, John Cale and many many more.)
  • “Sure, of course I’ll do it!” (When asked if he’d be one of the expert judges on Fame Games) Paul Harris (Grammy Award-winning songwriter, producer, dance music remixer)
  • “What you guys are doing is fantastic!” Paul Morazzi (founding member of pop group A1)
  • “I must say what you are doing for the indies is fantastic. I love it that music is played on merit on your show.” Peter Petro (partner in Bryan Farrish Radio Promotions)
  • “What you’re doing is great!” Phil Manzanera (founding member of Roxy Music, guitarist and producer, numerous credits include Dave Gimour (Pink Floyd), Steve Winwood, John Cale, Godley & Creme, Nico, Annie Lennox, Chrissie Hynde, etc)
  • “Great idea! (speaking about Fame Games). Without promotion you are nothing in this world” Pink (Pop/R&B artist a.k.a. Alecia Moore)
  • “Best of luck!” Ritchie Blackmore (legendary guitarist and founding member of Deep Purple)
  • “Paul, you’re the next Simon Cowell.” Rob Davis (Hit songwriter, former guitarist of Mud, wrote Toca’s Miracle for Fragma, If This Ain’t Love for Spillers GrooveJet, Can’t Get You Outta My Head for Kylie Minnogue and many more. Considered one of the top songwriters in the world today.)
  • “Very interesting. You have high probability of success.” Roddy Shashua (US TV producer, entrepreneur, businessman)
  • “Fame Games increases your musical intelligence!” Shontelle (pop/R&B artist and songwriter, grew up with Rihana)
  • “Yes it is a very appealing idea for this type of format and once you have a green light, then I would immediately court Victoria Newton at the Sun to support the journey of the programme. Once you have the major best-selling tabloid behind you, others will follow and will they follow ! People like Sting would never endorse a Pop Idol-like show. Yours could be a different matter.” Simon Astaire (top UK publicist, has represented British Royal Family, Sting, many more)
  • “We wish you all the very best with your format […]  And thank you so much for thinking of us.” Siobhan Greene (executive producer, SYCO, Simon Cowell’s production company)
  • “This is exactly the kind of program that ALL the networks are looking for right now.” Sue Rider (Top British TV Agent).
  • “You guys got it down!” Stefan Mannouris (songwriter, producer, involved with The Honeyz (“I Won’t Take It Lying Down”), Brownstone and many more)
  • “Fame Games new music discovery process and A&R quality is probably the best in the world!” Suzanne Hilleary (licensing agent and music business veteran, placed “Smooth” with Santana, and worked with some of the biggest artists in the world including Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Rob Thomas, Duncan Sheikh, Sinead O’Connor and many more)
  • “I honestly believe that Fame Games is doing more for new music than some TV talent shows out there!” Tony Cowell (author, journalist and Simon Cowell’s business partner and older brother)
  • “I would love to be able to help!” Tony Edwards (manager, numerous credits included Deep Purple, Toyah Wilcox, and numerous musicals including “Singing in the Rain,” My Fair Lady,” “Mary Poppins,” and much more)

All the nice things YOU said…

Here’s a handful of excerpts (in no particular order) taken from the emails we received from these artists. Big thanks to all of you for your unreserved support! (These quotes are up to 2007 only…! We’ve decided to put some more of your quotes up soon. Stay tuned!)

  • “[Fame Games is] the best chance for real (and I emphasise “REAL”!) artists/bands to get  that once-in-a-liftetime break into the music business” Sunbox
  • “You’re doing a great job!” Arkayix
  • “You all have come from strength to strength. We hope and it continues to grow and provide opportunies for musicians all over the world.” The Long Goodbyes
  • “[…] the [Fame Games] team has spent a great deal of time and concern making it work for you and the indie artist… well done~!!!” Swing Samurai
  • “ […] it seems like you been working really hard to get out the best from each and all.” Jimmy the Vagabond
  • “The idea is […] brilliant!” Harry Williams
  • “Myspace, Bebo and Fame Games [are the best, because] it gives a fantastic global platform and massive exposure.” Breeze
  • “[…] thanks for the opportunity to take part and to wish you every success.” The Hoi Polloi
  • “[the good thing about Fame Games is] the exposure it can provide to local bands” 15:15 featuring Bai Kamara Jr
  • “You played one of my songs.  Laura is an awesome DJ and singer.  I dig the whole staff.” Fred Kimmel
  • “There has never been anything remotely close to this in terms of scope, for Indie artists. It sounds almost too good to be true… the opportunities you’re giving us Indie artists here are absolutely mind boggling! Not much else I can say, other than WOW…” Gil, missFlag
  • “[Fame Games is] a chance at real exposure for Indie artists.” BRB
  • “[…] fabulous exposure for indie artists who don’t have the funding for this kind of exposure.” Yogi
  • “Its been been brilliant to get your feedback on our songs […] At times this year your show was the only glint of light for us. Thank you again.” Daryl, Killer Apollo
  • “[Fame Games represents] the possibility that something DIFFERENT might make it to the public ear.” Amient
  • “I’d like to thank all of you, for spending considerable time and energy coming up with ways to help independent artists get their music heard in a Meaningful way. I can’t thank you enough for that kind of effort.  It keeps me going and gives me hope that people do care about art and getting out to the world.  Thank you and best of everything to all of you at Fame Games in 2007” Mary Ott
  • “You’re addressing a pivotal disadvantage that indie artists suffer from.” Grayscale
  • “The best thing about Fame Games is […] :that you have a radio programme that plays and comments on the tracks.” Robert Nix
  • “[Fame Games is] Fantastic! Awesome! Just what an indie musician needs.” Harold ‘Jukebox’ Robinson
  • “[I like the] different personalities [on Fame Games] and feedback on the songs, the exposure the show gives musicians [and] the wide range of musical styles heard on the show is also a plus.” The Reverend Zen
  • “[I like] your friendliness and honest critique.” Norma Fraser
  • “[…] good to see you people continuing to think outside of that box!” Analogue Minefield
  • “[The best music services on the net include] Fame Games! Myspace and Itunes.” Venice Maki
  • “What a team of folks you guys have down there. Workin’ hard for all the lazy musicians and songwriters.” Junior Johnson
  • “It was fun.” McQuillen/Sharp
  • “[…] a good program with opps for indie artists.” Kristen Cothron
  • “[On Fame Games] we get to see where we stack up aginst other bands around the world.” G-Dub
  • “Well just like to thank you guys for playing my music […] so I’m like really feeling you guys and you will always be my home.” Minister Kaine
  • “[Fame Games is] very good for up-and-coming bands.” Resonate
  • “[Fame Games is] for REAL artists and SONGWRITERS. This is very important and I think what separates you from the ever increasing clone like tv shows!” Stellar
  • “The main thing is your seeming sincerity.” Marc Black
  • “This was all very exciting for me and I have truly enjoyed it.” Rachel Fields
  • “It sounds great! Especially for unsigned artists.” David Thiele
  • “The best is being able to present your music and actually get a score just so you’ll know where you stand. Also, it helps you improve in some areas that might need improving. For awhile I was kind of in a hole, meaning that I had no where to turn to and wondered how I would achieve getting my music heard for once. I can’t thank you guys enough for presenting this opportunity to me and to every other indie artist, because we ALL know how tough it is to make it in this industry.” Darius Palmer
  • “[Fame Games is] a Chance to listen to – and participate in- new indie music which otherwise wouldn’t be heard on the radio.  Also, it’s available on demand 24/7 so nobody has to miss a show.” 4 Car Garage
  • “Fame Game is heard around the world.” Del Grace
  • “I would say Fame Games rates among the top music services so far along with cdbaby.com. You might like to hear that due to your show I have received digital orders from Europe for our featured song “Midnight In Madrid” as well as offers to use my song as a Theme Song for a large commercial advertisers.” Amante & The Village Brass
  • “[Fame Games] gives band the chance to get some good honest advise and promotion of their songs to a world wide audience.” Tim Filor
  • “I would like to say that I find Fame games authoritative and supportive and altogether the best music site on the web.” Pete Marriott
  • “I appreciate the opp to listen to the opinions of the reviewers – to hear their voices – also – the flow of the show seems very laid back and the honesty shines through.” SounDoctrine
  • “I think you have a great concept and think it will lead to bigger listenership. [I also like] that you choose the best bands, that have crossover potential.” Mesmer Machine
  • “We’re with you all the way!” Woody James Band
  • “Obviously the exposure to so many listeners is good. And […]the reviews on the site are very useful.” Love Deficiency
  • “By far Fame Games, and MySpace both have given me unbelievable reach.” Sharod
  • “[We like] the fact that there are so many different types of music on the Fame Games and that it isn’t over-shadowed by obvious promotional bombardment from already established artists and labels. It’s about the unsigned talent out  there and that’s what we want to see.” El Dopa
  • “That’s brilliant thanks ever so much for you time and your instinct which I think could be good [regarding the usage of my song by a US-based agency and forwarded by Fame Games to me.] How cool would that be if something kicked off with the help of Fame Games.” Nick Barclay
  • “You’re the best! We are so grateful for everything [help with a high-level management deal in London]” missFlag
  • “[Fame Games] looks and sounds great.” The Crazy Majority
  • “[What I like about Fame Games is] the exposure and the fact that the panel takes the time to listen.” Roberto Philipp
  • “[Fame Games is a] great way to get your songs heard.” Monaghan
  • “A big big THANK YOU to all of you for the support and the kindness, energy and passion you put in what you do.” Kireina

And there have also been a few negative or indifferent comments…

There’s only three here, but honestly that’s all we could find – so far… 😉 Please don’t try to make this list bigger! (lol)

  • “Thank you for your email! We will be in touch as soon as possible.” 9 Lies
  • “I was very disappointed with the views of the ‘teenage camp’. I found them to be negative and non-constructive in my case.” Love Deficiency
  • “You are fucking wankers” (name withheld at artist’s request)

Feel free to contribute some more in the comments section! 🙂

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  1. Dead Eddie

    I have been very ill, and have not been able to keep up with what has been going on. I was trying to find my site – meermusic.com/deadeddie555, and there was no result. I tried to find the Second Annual Effigy Awards 2008, of which I was : Finalist as an Artist within an Effigy Category:7 ; Song FInalist within Effigy Categories: 20 ; Nominations As an Artist within an Effigy Category: 1 . None of this comes up, nor do any of my reviews, of which all were not good, but some were. But as my illness has taken away the ability of my fingers to play the guitar anymore, I was hoping to see the reviews, good and bad, just to remember a time when I actually was a functioning artist.

    I beg of you, if there is any possibility to recover this information, especially the reviews, good and bad, I would be forever indebted.

    I thank you kindly,
    Dead Eddie


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