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fame games 2.0

Having encountered heavy opposition from our mainstream radio affiliates to promoting “unknown music”, we knew we had to work hard to reinvent the Fame Games concept, in order for it to find the mass audience it deserves.

Fame Games is all about getting YOUR music into the mainstream.

The old format had a lot to recommend it. Over 6 million visits to the site, tens of thousands of artists and songs, hundreds of discoveries applauded by collaborating music companies with some even going on record, saying that “Fame Games is the best A&R platform in the world today”.

But it wasn’t enough to sway the program directors who invariably found it “difficult” to allocate ANY airtime to this show. The most commonly cited reason was “it’s unknown music – our listeners will switch off!”

We argued that 6 MILLION listeners online (with a monthly average between 200,000 and 300,000!) is an indication that people DO want new music and they keep coming back for more – and that the Fame Games “competition” format assured loyal following.

But most stations passed.

They wanted a stronger argument than what we gave them. Well, we couldn’t afford to pay them. But we could come up with a WAY to reward them. The only question was HOW?

As many of you know, we started exploring the world of online marketing – looking for ideas and points of crossover. We soon found tons of excellent ideas and, indeed, some of them gave us many “duh!” moments.

Among the things we discovered were a few gems that will not only satisfy our radio affiliates, but will also provide huge help to all our artists – and even fans!

In order to implement these ideas, we got busy coding. And further researching and extensive testing of all these new ideas. On a very tight budget. With tiny staff. That’s why things are taking their time. But – we’re moving forward.

Here are just some of the features of the new Fame Games 2.0 system:

  • Web 2.0-compatible social network. It will contain all the “standard” social networking functions, but it will be specifically designed to create contacts between artists, fans, stations and music companies in a new way we’ve not yet seen implemented on the web to date.
  • Fan-base building – unlike anything you’ve seen on the web before.
  • Industry contact building – simple and direct, subject to
  • Advertiser support development – artists in the 21st century will increasingly depend on ad-sponsored income models. Fame Games 2.0 will provide a novel way to achieve this to everyone’s benefit.
  • Income-generation functions for radio stations, artists and even fans!

Stay tuned for news flashes at the beginning of 2011. Things are going to start moving by end of January and we’re hoping to achieve a Beta Launch by February/March.

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