Christmas is a time of giving, right?

Well, have we got a gift for you…

The books we’ve collected here for you are simply fantastic. Most of them have been published in hard-copy and some have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. The collective retail value of these books is close to a $1,000 – but – you can have them all FREE!

We’ve had a fun few months looking for these books, reading them and ensuring that they can be given away under a Creative Commons license. For someone who not only loves reading but also learning from it, you’d be hard put to beat this collection. For a bookworm like me, this is manna from heaven.


American Popular Music
The Rock Years
by Larry Starr & Christopher Waterman

Pages: 360

Blues Guitar For Dummies

The Fun And Easy Way To Start Playing The Blues
by Jon Chappell

Pages: 385

Understanding and Crafting The Mix
The Art of Recording

by William Moylan
Pages: 425

Digital Music DIY Now!
A Guide To Making A Living Making Music

by Michael W. Dean and Chris Caulder

Pages: 232

Dirty Little Secrets of the Record Business
Why So Much Music You Hear SUCKS!

by Hank Bordowitz

Pages: 354

DJ Skills
The Essential Guide To Mixing and Scratching

By Stephen Webber

Pages: 301

From Demo To Delivery
The Process of Production

by Russ Hepworth-Sawyer

Pages: 331

Handbook For Sound Engineers
The New Audio Cyclopedia

by Glen Balou

Pages: 1525

Home Recording For Musicians – For Dummies

by Jeff Strong

Pages: 389

How To Grow As A Musician
What All Musicians Must Know To Succeed

by Sheila E. Anderson

Pages: 225

Jazz For Dummies

by Dirk Sutro

Pages: 387

Modern Recording Techniques

by Robert Miles Huber and Robert E. Runstein

Pages: 673

PC Recording Studio For Dummies

by Jeff Strong

Pages: 409

Rhythm & Blues, Rap and Hip-Hop

by Frank Hoffmann, PhD

Pages: 342

The Essential Secrets of Songwriting
Secrets of the World’s Most Successful Songwriters

by Gary Ewer and B. Mus

Pages: 204

The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook

by Bobby Owsinski

Pages: 233

The Science of Music

by Robert Maconie

Pages: 232

The Walrus Was Ringo
101 Beatles Myths Debunked

by Allan Clayson and Spencer Lee

Pages: 337

Voice Work
Art and Science in Changing Voices

by Christina Shewell

Pages: 532

Singing! Basic Vocal Techniques

by Penny Nichols

Pages: 14 plus 300 Mb of audio samples

You can download them ALL – or just the ones you think you’ll like. They’re ALL excellent. No duds here, folks!

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