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Here’s a quick wrap-up of Rock Camp 2017 – including a review of all the songs as well as, perhaps most importantly, the original songs that all the kids made contributions to. Enjoy!


  • Amalia Older
  • Helena Gut
  • Mikella Jones
  • Octavia Machado
  • Vasilisa Chirkina


  • Casilda Ramiro
  • Claudia Mateos
  • Federica Machado
  • Isabella Anderson
  • Marieta Trives
  • Savannah Krier Sedkowski


  • Antoine de Reynal
  • Chloe Barnett
  • Darcey Harrison
  • Freya Graham
  • George Jefferson
  • Juana Machado
  • Olly Barron-Johnston


Here’s the original track by the youngest group this year, “In A Perfect World”. It’s probably the “darkest” of all our songs this year, which is kind of funny considering that it’s performed by the youngest participants.

GirlTalk – In A Perfect World


This one’s possibly the catchiest of all our Rock Camp originals this year, called “Nobody’s Perfect”. As always, all the kids contributed to the lyrics, and put all their energies into making the song have the right kind of energy.

Rockin Rainbows – Noboy’s Perfect


This is the product of our Rock Camp sessions with our oldest group this year, which we called “Turn On The Fan”. Almost all of their lyrical contributions had to do with Summer holidays, it was only fitting that the song be about that.

Innocent – Turn On The Fan



Click on the name to visit the song page (recommended), or click on the players to listen here on the page. You can also download the song by clicking on the grey down-arrow.