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stageAs the world becomes increasingly interconnected, it becomes less and less of an issue for aspiring musicians and vocalists to “have to” be based in London, New York or LA, if they dream of a chance to have an entertainment business career.

SIMA, The Sotogrande International Music Academy, now in collaboration with the world-famous music College, BERKLEE, offers a high quality music and artist development program to the students at SIS, which will help prepare them for work and a potential career in the real music business world.

SIMA not only offers courses in music business, music marketing, audio engineering, advanced vocals, various instruments or music production, but it also helps expose the most promising young artists to genuine music industry opportunities including direct access to some of the world’s best and biggest record labels, publishers and managements.

SIMA is run by music industry professionals with years of experience, including successful past music and artist placements and hit songs. Through its partnership with MMI Studios, SIMA continues to very actively work within the music industry in the UK, US and parts of Europe and Asia, giving its students invaluable “industry ins” and practical experience in working with the best people in this field.

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As part of the “Flexible Pathways” initiative at SIS, students who embark on the diploma route, can combine their A-levels with the SIMA/BERKLEE program (with full college credits) and thus emerge prepared not merely for continued higher level musical education in the UK or the US, but also in some cases for a thriving musical career.


The SIMA development work is carried out both at the SIS campus and at the San Roque campus, where we have an excellent recording and production studio facility, where sessions can be booked at virtually any time of day or evening. The selected Berklee courses are available online, including live interaction with their professors.

Paul30Students who see their future within the music or broader entertainment industry no longer need to move to the UK or the States to continue their specialist education there. SIMA’s courses are of the highest standard and include not only a broad variety of exciting options right here on location, but also online – jointly with the world’s largest and most famous contemporary music school – Berklee of Boston, Massachusetts.

Daily work, artist development, songwriting and production courses at SIMA are supervised by Paul Sedkowski, whose past music successes and associations include Barcelona Olympics promotional music, a #1 hit with Prince Scandal, long-term work with the managements of such super-groups as Deep Purple or Whitesnake, sessions with the likes of Robin Thicke, an over two-year-long work on new artist discovery together with Tony Cowell (Simon’s older brother), development of one of the world’s most successful indie music showcases (Fame Games), syndicated in the USA with ABC radio networks, ongoing collaborations with some of the best songwriters in the world including Rob Davis, or successful producers such as Derek Lawrence – and more.

The SIMA team also includes local as well as international experts in related fields from vocal coaching to image development to dance.

Musically-inclined students who wish for the safest and best start in life, know that it’s necessary to combine general education certificates (e.g. an A-level program) with a vocational program – such as what we offer with SIMA. The certificates and college credits available from Berklee – through SIMA – are valid all over the world and never fail to impress, wherever you go.


Chosing the Flexible Pathways program at SIS will help our students get better prepared for the future, at a level previously only available in the likes of London, New York or LA. After completing our courses, the students will be well prepared to continue on to University-level education in music anywhere in the world, if they so choose. They will also have invaluable vocational skills that go well beyond mere music.

Once signed up, students can choose any combination of the following courses and sessions (specific details of each individual course will be published soon):

2-year SIMA/BERKLEE courses
  • Music Production using any of the top DAW production tools
  • Songwriting: lyrics, melody, arrangement, instrumentation, performance
  • Music Business: online and offline marketing and promotion, publishing, entrepreneurship
  • Sound Engineering: studio and live mixing, PC or Mac-based mixing
  • Indie video development
  • Radio production and content development
2-year SIMA sessions
  • Cover song recordings: including vocal comping and editing, live training
  • Pro career development (extensive auditions needed to qualify)
  • Image development, dance and stage presentation
  • Vocal group development
  • Live band development
Ongoing unstructured studio and rehearsal room time
  • The students will also be able to book a rehearsal room, dance studio or the music studio with engineer, to develop projects of their own
A la carte 12-week Berklee courses (online)
  • Music Production
    • Producing music with Ableton Live
    • Music Production 101
    • Pro Tools 101
    • Mixing and Mastering with ProTools
    • Advanced Music Production with ProTools
    • Producing Music with Reason
    • Producing Music with Cubase
    • Advanced Audio Ear Training For Mix Engineers
    • Recording and Producing in the Home Studio
    • Sound Design For The Electronic Musician
    • Game Design Principles
    • Game Audio Producion with Wwise
    • Art of Mixing
    • Orchestration
    • Programming and Producing Drum Beats
    • Acoustics
    • Audio Post Production for Film and TV
    • Creative Music Production Skills
    • Audio Basics for Recording
    • Music Notation Using Finale
    • Music Notation Using Silbelius
    • Introduction to Digital Cinematography
    • Music Writing and Production with the iPad
    • Demo Production for Songwriters
    • Composing and Producing Electronic Music 1
    • Music Production Analysis
    • Advanced Mixing and Mastering with ProTools
    • Advanced Music Production with Ableton Live
    • Producing Music with Logic
    • Critical Listening 1
    • Audio Mastering Techniques
    • Hop-hip Writing and Production
    • Sampling and Audio Production
    • Introduction to Game Audio
    • Remixing
    • Live Sound Mixing and Recording
    • Orchestration 2: Writing Techniques for Full Orchestra
    • Getting Your Guitar Sound
    • Microphone Techniques
    • Vocal Production
    • Composing and Producing Electronic Music 2
    • Music Video Editing with Final Cut Pro
    • 3D Design with Blender
    • Performing with Ableton Live
    • Mixing and Mastering for the Electronic Musician
  • Music Theory, Harmony and Ear Training
    • Music Theory 101
    • Music Theory 301: Advanced Melody, Harmony, Rhythm
    • Getting Inside Harmony 1
    • Harmonic Ear Training: Recognizing Chord Progressions
    • Counterpoint
    • Rock History
    • Music History of the Western World 1: Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque
    • Music Cognition
    • Music Notation Using Sibelius
    • Contemporary Vocal Arranging
    • Creative Strategies for Composition Beyond Style
    • Musi Theory and Composition 2
    • Music Notation Using Finale
    • Music Theory 201: Harmony and Function
    • Basic Ear Training 1
    • Getting Inside Harmony 2
    • Music Foundations
    • Reharmonization Techniques
    • The Language of Film and TV
    • Music History of the Western World 2: Classical, Romantic and Modern
    • Ear Training For Live Performance
    • Developing Your Artistry
    • Arranging: Contemporary Styles
    • Music Theory and Composition 1
    • Music Theory and Composition 3
  • Music Business
    • Music Business 101
    • Music Publishing 101
    • Online Music Marketing: Campaign Strategies, Social Media and Digital Distribution
    • Legal Aspects of the Music Industry
    • Music Marketing 101
    • Copyright Law
    • Music Licensing
    • Business Communications
    • Music Business Finance
    • Career and Job Success in the Music Industry
    • Music Venue Management
    • Music Business Trends and Strategies
    • Concert Touring
    • Music Industry Entrepreneurship
    • Artist Management
    • Music Supervision
    • Project Management for Musicians
    • Music Business Leadership and Ethics
    • Math for Musicians
    • International Music Marketing: Developing Your Music Career Abroad
    • Creative Entrepreneurship
    • New Media Economics: Music, Mobile, Gaming and Online Markets
  • Piano and Keyboard
    • Berklee Keyboard Method
    • Blues and Rock Keyboard Techniques
    • Jazz Piano
    • Keyboard for the Electronic Musician
    • Gary Burton: Jazz Improvisation
    • Basic Improvisation
    • Pop/Rock Keyboard
  • Bass
    • R&B Bass
    • Jazz Bass
    • Slap Bass
    • Basic Improvisation
    • Bass Performance 101
    • Rock Bass
    • Gary Burton: Jazz improvisation
  • Guitar
    • Guitar Chords 101
    • Guitar Chords 201: Chord Melody and Inversions
    • Guitar Scales 101
    • Blues Guitar
    • Jazz Guitar 101
    • Classic Rock Guitar
    • Jazz Guitar 201: Advanced Jazz Guitar Improvisation
    • Guitar Improvisation Techniques
    • Acoustic Blues Guitar
    • Funk/Rock and R&B Guitar Soloing
    • Acoutic Guitar Techniques
    • Rhythm and Groove Guitar
    • Getting Your Guitar Sound
    • Fundamentas of Classical Guitar
    • Steve ai Guitar Techniques
    • Gary Burton: Jazz Improvisation
    • Basic Improvisation
    • Advanced Blues Guitar
  • Songwriting
    • Lyrics Writing: Tools and Strategies
    • Lyric Writing: Writing From the Title
    • Lyrics Writing: Writing Lyrics to Music
    • Songwriting: Writing Hit Songs
    • Songwriting for Film and TV
    • Songwriting: Melody
    • Songwriting: Harmony
    • Jazz Composition
    • Commercial Songwriting Techniques
    • Jingle Writing
    • Creative Writing: Finding Your Voice
    • Creatve Writing Poetry
    • Creating Writing: Literature Studies For Musicians
    • World Music Composition Styles
    • Music Composition for Film and TV 1
    • Music Composition for Film and TV 2
    • Contemporary Techniques in Music Compositiojn 1
    • Interactive Scoring for Games
    • Demo Production for Songwriters
    • Contemporary Techniques in Music Compositiojn 2
  • Voice
    • Voice Technique 101
    • Pop and Rock Vocals
    • Jazz Voice
    • R&B Vocals
    • Vocal Production
  • Arranging
    • Arranging 1: Rhythm Section
    • Arranging: Advanced Horn Writing
    • Arranging: Contemporary Styles
    • Arranging: Small Ensemble and Horns
    • Arranging: Woodwinds and Strings
    • Contemporary Vocal Arranging
    • Counterpoint
    • Music Notation Using Finale
    • Music Notation Using Sibelius
    • Reharmonization Techniques
    • World Music Composition Styles
    • Creative Strategies for Composition Beyond Style
    • Contemporary Techniques in Music Composition 1
  • Orchestratiion
    • Orchestration 1
    • Orchestration 2: Writing Techniques for Full Orchestra
    • Music Composition for Film and TV 1
    • Music Composition for Film and TV 2
    • Film Scoring 101
    • Composing and Producing Electronic Music 1
    • Composing and Producing Electronic Music 2
    • Introduction to Game Audio
    • Counterpoint
    • Music Notation Using Finale
    • Music Notation Using Sibelius
    • World Music Composition Styles
    • Contemporary Techniques in Music Composition 1
    • Interactive Scoring for Games
    • Contemporary Techniques in Music Composition 2
  • Online Certificate Courses (multi-course)

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Visit the SIMA blog, where developments as well as musical productions are posted daily.


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On working with us: “Working with you can benefit any artist” JOHN COLETTA (manager of Deep Puple, Whitesnake, etc)
On our songwriting: “World-class in every respect” ROB DAVIS (hit songwriter, grammy winner)
On out productions: “You mean business!” DEREK LAWRENCE (multi-million-selling producer)
On our ABC-syndicated music show: “Fame Games is the coolest game in town” LIONEL RICHIE

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