Fame Games Quarter-Final Track-Off, Edition 224-Q/Monday – May 25, 2009
Jelly’s Last Jam vs Christopher Scott Hamilton


Fame Games Quarter-Final Track-Off, Edition 224-Q/Tuesday – May 26, 2009
Jason Zerbin vs Midori & Audioclique


Fame Games Quarter-Final Track-Off, Edition 224-Q/Wednesday – May 27, 2009
Edian vs Lourds


Fame Games Semi-Final Full Show Snippets, Edition 224/Thursday – June 4, 2009
HeavyLeftHand vs Lourds vs All Day Sucker


Fame Games Track of the Week Final Full Show Snippets, Edition 224/Friday – June 5, 2009
Defending champs The Sanderson Pitch vs JosyB vs Derek Stroker vs After The Ice vs All Day Sucker


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