Record Label Business Plan

Now, here’s a REAL FIND! This is a brand new product and it’s so full of bonuses and useful extras, it’s would be a steal at four times the price.

Beautifully put together and really well researched, this is a resource you’ll want regardless of whether you actually want to make your own label or not. In fact, this is not even the real point of this book. It’s an excellent “how-to” guide for your music promotion, and as such it’s one of the very best we’ve seen!

As it’s a relatively new product, we couldn’t find any reviews on R.ecommended.com or IMReportCard.com, but Google research reveals a number of happy – and very impressed – customers already.

Click on the image above to go to the “Record Label Business Plan” page, then, after reading through click on either of the “Click Here” link – and away you go!

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