Satellite Direct

You’ve probably seen many of those TV-on-your-PC programs and guidebooks – as have we. But this one is in a different league altogether.

It’s an info product from Alex Matthews that was released in August 2009. Unlimited Access to Over 3,500 HD Channels – One Time Fee is the title of the main product for sale, and it sells for $49.95 , although there are 3 alternative products on sale for different price points (see below for details). No illegal hardware or decoders needed. Watch TV on PC now!

R.ecommended.com rates this product very highly, at 4.04/5. The refund rate for it is around of 0.21%* when purchased at the standard price of $49.95 which is shockingly low, and suggests that the vast majority of customers were happy with their purchase.

IMReportCard.com has no rating for this.

We’ve scoured the web for reviews for this product as well as compared it with many other similar ones, before finally deciding to recommend this over all its competition.

Click on the image above to go to the “Satellite Direct”  page, then, after reading through click on the “Download Now” link, and take it from there!

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