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A few highlights from Paul’s past:


Paul Sedkowski is the co-founder of Meer Music International, a music and radio production company whose flagship radio show “Fame Games Radio” has been syndicated across the States with ABC Radio Networks. Paul has been a songwriter, producer and a music industry professional for more than 30 years.

After ABC filed Chapter 11 in 2011 (which severely affected all of its content providers at the time), Paul founded a specialist online marketing and SEO research company whose original aim was to simply help rescue the original radio operation. But soon things took on a life of their own. Paul’s expertise and rapidly growing reputation within professional SEO circles has resulted in a steady flow of consultation requests – also for musical promotions. And this took Paul a full circle back into music production after an over-3-year break.

On the music front, to date, Paul has developed a vast repertoire of original compositions in virtually all styles of music. From his jazz-rock fusion/prog-rock roots to dance, pop and R&B and everything inbetween. He has worked with and/or developed well over 200 artists and groups, and has written or co-written well over 4000 songs, of which over 1000 have been produced. He plays piano and keyboards and is also a decent saxophone player. His other instruments include guitar, bass and drums. He also has a working and practical knowledge of many other popular instruments. He is also an expert programmer of popular sequencer programs such as Cubase, Logic, etc, and has a good knowledge of all aspects of studio and recording processes.

Among the over 20 labels and music companies Paul’s worked with are Seabreeze Music, JCPS Songs, JCA Management, Kon Tiki Music, LongLegs Records, Frontier Music, MMI Records, etc.

Paul’s past associations, long-lasting as well as brief, in no particular order, include long-time partner Hollywood TV director Mary Jane Trokel (Tonight Show, Entertainment Tonight, Solid Gold, Superbowl, etc), long-time partner, manager John Coletta (Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Madonna), partner producer Derek Lawrence (Wishbone Ash, Deep Purple, Hot Chocolate), writing partner Grammy-winning songwriter Rob Davis (Spiller’s Groove Jet, Kylie Minogue, Fragma, Mud, Darts), writing partner Andy Tumi (Point Break, Sugababes, Fishbowl, Supafly), long-time partner Don Wasley (world class music PR guru for Cher, Lynyrd Skynrd, Donna Summer, etc), songwriter/producer Andy Hayman (All Saints), long-time collaborator Dave van Dyke (VP at ABC Radio Networks, CEO Bridge Ratings), manager Miguel Melendez (Mariah Carey, BoyzIIMen, Toni Braxton, Brandy), vocal coach Gary Katona (Babyface, Mariah Carey, Seal, Paula Abdul), artist/songwriter Robin Thicke (Jordan Knight), TV Director Dennis Kirkland (Benny Hill, Freddy Starr), composer and former member of Paul’s band Alma Tadema Marcello de Francisci (increasingly influential Hollywood music score writer, Burning Man, Predator, Samsara, Hitman Diaries, etc), singer Jennifer Rush, drummer & producer Trevor Morais (Tina Turner, Howard Jones, Bjork), Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music), manager Gregg Ross (Fugees) of DASVentures, James Doman (Ministry of Sound, Vanessa Amorissi), Tosh Darg (Joe), Stefan Mannouris (Honeyz, Brownstone), Kevin Petrie (Des’ree), Martin Hayles (Sade), Grammy-winners Fionn Lucas & Paul Harris (BoyZone, All Saints), Tony Cowell (Simon’s brother),  and many others.

Among Paul’s 200+ development artists and projects are Prince Scandal (#1 airplay hit with September Song), Alma Tadema (voted one of top 6 new age bands in the world, by Spain’s Radio III,  provided music for the promotions of the Barcelona Olympics ’92 as well as feature music for World Offshore Championships 1992), Kimera (multi-million selling opera-disco star), and production and pre-production work for a number of Spanish, UK and US labels.

Apart from music, Paul has worked in computers for many years as a programmer and later manager. In the past he was the IT Director for Consolidated Press’s Kopcke Shipchandling Group and has co-founded a computer company in the late 80’s (PDI SA) which grew to become one of the largest systems houses in Spain at the time. During his nearly 12-year-long (way too restless!) university education, Paul studied Theoretical Physics, English Philology, English Literature, Economics, Music and Sociology. His interests (apart from music and IT) include science, politics, medicine, archeology, esoterica, alternative studies and astronomy, among others. 🙂 Paul was also the managing editor of Sunday Sun (an English-language weekly in the South of Spain in the 90’s) and is a budding author. He’s also a TaeKwonDo black belt, just to round things off nicely. Today, Paul is an anarcho-capitalist libertarian since nothing else makes more logical sense.


Rob Davis


Dave van Dyke


Derek Lawrence


Andy Tumi


Paul Harris


Marcello de Francisci


Mary-Jane Trokel

John Coletta

John Coletta


James Doman


Gary Katona


Robin Thicke


Phil Manzanera


Andy Hayman