What would you do if you knew you could FINALLY make ENOUGH MONEY ON YOUR MUSIC to be able to quit your day job?

And not only that: if you knew your music would continue being promoted and you would have a realistic chance of breaking through…?

Would you say “nah, not for me…” or would you say “I WANNA MAKE SURE IT HAPPENS!!!!” ?

How Tides Can Turn…!

Fame Games 2.0 Is On The Horizon

First of all, our deepest thanks go out to those of you who understood that our calls for your support were not about “us” – but were in fact all about the mission itself. They were, and remain, about you!

An initiative like Fame Games is desperately needed by artists all over the world!

How else can new artists test their music while at the same time building an audience, gaining A&R exposure – and – getting national-level airplay on merit, all at the same time?

And yet, we discovered the hard way that this just wasn’t enough…

It wasn’t enough for Fame Games to break through the immense opposition from the established media guard-dogs.

It wasn’t enough to really help YOU overcome adversities and challenges of your own!

This crisis provided a barrel-of-the-gun opportunity for us to rethink all the challenges!

The solution we discovered shocked us and totally fired us up! The answer was staring us in the face all this time, but we never saw it clearly. Until now!

Pre-announcing Fame Games 2.0

We’ve spent thousands of hours and a ton of cash we didn’t have on establishing the principles of how Fame Games 2.0 should work and how it should address YOUR needs.

We also created a plan which virtually guarantees Fame Games 2.0 sufficient strength to successfully confront the entrenched mentalities within the Radio and Records industry!

What we’ve arrived at is nothing short of a breakthrough!

We’ve come up with another industry first: not just airplay on merit but also a business model which YOU can implement in order to make music your ONLY source of income!

Think about it!

If someone could provide such an opportunity to you, and if it was real and verifiable and required only a reasonable input from you – would you support it?

Would you not see something like this as an almost unbelievable stroke of luck?

What wouldn’t you give to be able to create an independent source of income – for life – from your music?

What wouldn’t you do to continually increase your chances of actually breaking through? (And even if you don’t break through, still have ENOUGH income to carry on!)

Isn’t this the stuff dreams are made of?
Wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?

Just imagine…!

Fame Games 2.0 may help you make ENOUGH money each month – reliably – to NOT HAVE TO have a day job! (Or at the very least have a superb residual income on the side!)

Fame Games 2.0 may enable you to devote ALL your time and resources to building your career (and give you all the tools you will need to accomplish it!).

And as if that wasn’t enough – your fans and reviewers will ALSO have a chance to earn substantial residual incomes!

Is it worth your while supporting this idea?

Is this a great dream or what?

Well, dream no more!

We are working hard towards “officially” announcing a system which will help you achieve exactly that.

The system will provide you with all the tools and support you will need to achieve this very dream. It’s like nothing else you’ve ever seen offered to artists anywhere. Ever.

It’s a system which will allow you to build a music-based, independent income easily sufficient to sustain a family with less effort and more pleasure than you’re getting out of your current day job!

Once launched it can take as little as three months for you to reach a level where you might start considering doing nothing else but developing your music business!

Within 6-9 months you will be able to achieve total financial independence – with YOUR music – if you apply all the principles and techniques through which Fame Games 2.0 will guide you!

We can’t reveal the details to you YET.

That’s only because we don’t want someone to beat us to the punch while we’re still putting the final touches on this concept and coding a new site. We hope and expect that Fame Games 2.0 will be ready for launch within the next three months. With everyone’s active support possibly as little as two – without it, hopefully no longer than five.

So, how can YOU make sure that this dream will indeed become a reality?

Just sit back, do nothing and wait?

If you did that, you would almost “guarantee” that it takes us much longer to launch than it needs to.

You need to do the exact opposite NOW:

Treat this as an OPPORTUNITY to change your life!

Donate generously to the cause.

We need to raise a further $20,000 in order to be able to reach our launch target.

Each and every person who donates their hard earned cash to support this mission NOW will be graciously rewarded once Fame Games 2.0 launches.

Your donation will be returned to you manyfold – in physical value, services and bonus support.

Your donation now is your investment in your near future!

Fame Games 2.0 pre-release Q&A

Q: Will it be free?
A: It will be both free and paid. The paid options will enable members to reach their goals faster and easier. The free options will allow members to achieve everything as well – but with more effort and time.

Q: Just how time-consuming will this income generation system be?
A: We’re testing it now. As we’re blazing through the jungle of tested and untested ideas, we’re spending all our waking hours on it. The whole point is that we’re discarding all the ineffective methods and systemizing all the effective ones. By the time we present you with the complete package, it will require from you a couple of hours of work per day (on average) during the first two months. It will be a system which, if followed exactly, will give you partial or complete financial freedom to get on with your music!

Q: What level of incomes will I be able to achieve, providing I do exactly as the system dictates?
A: There are no limits, in theory. We’re investing tons of effort now into building fail-safe mechanisms which should guarantee everyone a “minimum” income level. We are already proving (though not yet conclusively – it will be conclusive by the time we launch), that “anyone” will be able to generate between $500 and $1,000 per month, pretty much no matter what they do – as long as they follow the system. Achieving more than that will be largely dependent on the individuals. We believe that an “average” person who is nonetheless “committed” and follows the system will be able to earn between $3,000 and $5,000 per month with only a “reasonable” effort. Some highly focused individuals will be able to use this system to generate incomes MANY TIMES larger than that!

Q: Can I lose money on it?
A: No. Because the very worst imaginable scenario is that whatever optional payments you will have made will cover clear and tangible value which we will provide you with. So in that worst case you would simply gain priceless information. But even in an “average” scenario you will at the very least make all your money back. On top of it all, you may also choose to select the “all-free” options – slower, but also very effective. The Fame Games 2.0 system will be based on the best opt-in principles and will be entirely transparent.

Q: What sort of trickery will be involved in generating such amazing incomes?
A: No trickery whatsoever. Nothing illegal or unethical. Nothing involving spamming people to death. Nothing involving unpleasant hard sales. And no pie-in-the-sky schemes which never work (like “planning” to sell millions of records and “budgeting” with that!). The techniques which you will be employing to develop your independent residual incomes are already tested and proven within other niches. Our work now is to customize and adapt some of those techniques to make them 100% compatible with your artistic work. We don’t want you to become a “marketer” and allow your art to suffer on the whole process! But we do want you to think of your art as a business which CAN sustain you – COMFORTABLY.

Q: I’m not an artist, but I am a fan of Fame Games. Can I too benefit from these income-generating opportunities Fame Games 2,0 will introduce?
A: Absolutely YES! Many (though not all) of the techniques we’re preparing for Fame Games 2.0 members are in fact well proven and documented methods which are proving their value daily on the web today. But there is more. As part of our Fame Games 2.0 development we’re considering ideas for assisting ALL of our members and guiding them to financial independence – through THEIR MUSIC! You will be AMAZED at some of the techniques we’re now developing. And you will LOVE it!

Q: I’m a sceptic. When something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. What would you say to address this concern?
A: What kind of a business model would this have to be in order for it to last? If you assume that after 6 years of doing Fame Games FOR FREE, investing a FORTUNE into the project and supporting THOUSANDS of artists without ever charging for it, we’ve suddenly become opportunists who want to lie their way out of a crisis… well then, for you, the only way to find out is to wait and see. There’s nothing particularly “fancy” about it. It’s been done before and is being done today. It’s just that ARTISTS don’t know about it, by and large. We don’t yet know “all” the ins and outs of it all – naturally. We’re still building, developing and testing it. But you can be sure that the principles discussed here WILL apply, and the assertions we’re making today are ALREADY PROVEN in other areas of online business.  Our job is to “translate” those systems for use by ARTISTS and fans. The system we’re developing is NOT “too good to be true.” It’s too good not to be supported!

Q: How can I be sure that my donation will indeed be treated as a kind of “investment” by you? And what kind of value will my donation realize for me?
A: ANY amount you donate will be registered and you’ll receive personal thanks and acknowledgment for it (and NOT through an auto-responder either!). Once the Fame Games 2.0 system is ready for launch your donation will be used to pay for bonus services at an extremely favorable rate. Some of you will, in fact, become our beta-testers – the FIRST with a FREE opportunity to make money from your music!

Q: I have donated once already. Should I go on? And if so, for how long?
A: You “should” do nothing. But if you wish to help, then we will gratefully accept it. Your donations will accumulate and when we’re ready we’ll GIVE BACK through Fame Games 2.0! We estimate we need another 3 months to finally spread our wings with the new system. Give or take a month or so. If you’re able to donate “something” once a month – that’s superb. If you’re only able to do it once – that’s great too. We don’t want you to do anything that would endanger your existence in any way.

Q: What do you expect your future services to cost (providing a member opts for the paid ones, not the free ones)?
A: We will ensure that all or most of the Fame Games 2.0 opportunities will be available to everyone with talent and dedication. For free. But we will also provide premium services which will be extremely attractive and will save our members tons of time and effort. The pricing of those special features will be set on a few different levels – from totally affordable one-off services (in the region of $10 per service) to subscriptions (in the areas between $30 to $100 per month), to custom solutions for hand-picked artists, provided by top international consultants (and those will be priced separately on a case-by-case basis). The majority of our members will probably go for one of the subscription models. But others may elect to “work for credits” instead.

Q: Will the quality of my music have anything to do with the degree of success I can achieve?
A: Up to a point – no. From a certain point on – yes. This means that you can achieve self-sustainability regardless of how (subjectively) “great” your music is. But to get further still, your music will still have to pass muster on air on Fame Games and with its affiliated radio and A&R contacts.

Q: Hasn’t somebody already thought of this? If it’s such a clever system as you say, wouldn’t it be out there already?
A: It IS out there! We’re not inventing the wheel here, to be sure. We’re basing our system on well-proven techniques from other areas of commerce. In that – it’s nothing new. But what IS new is the WAY in which we’re combining the established wealth-creation systems with MUSIC marketing. But even that is not entirely “new.” We’ve studied a number of existing cases of indie artists who have gone on to huge financial success – independently. They’ve all employed aspects of what is now “our system,” and their incomes are simply awesome. We believe our system will go much further than that, because it will incorporate all the PROVEN results and methodologies and add on new and more dynamic strategies to maximize each step of the wealth-building process – without putting an undue burden on your artistic activities and using our community support to maximize each step.

Q: Some of my songs weren’t very well received on Fame Games. Why should I now support you?
A: You shouldn’t. You should not do anything which you don’t want to do. Fame Games is not about “reviewing your music positively and paying you compliments.” If that’s what you came to Fame Games for, because you thought the name sounded sufficiently populist to sort-of promise that – you made a mistake. If you came here with an exaggerated expectation of how your music might be received by our community – and that expectation didn’t come true – then you may be among the 2-or-so-percent of our members who simply can not take ANY form of constructive criticism. We have received a handful of emails over these past few months from artists who told us that we’ve supposedly “sold out” and that our A&R process was biased! Or that we didn’t know “real music”. They forgot that it is our online reviewers and fans who select the music for air! They also forgot that in almost all cases our on-air reviews of their music were much more positive than the quality of that music warranted. But Fame Games is about much more than just public A&R and radio. It’s a mission to change the face of the whole industry back to more solid values. Not everyone’s music will be well-received by our community. But everyone is given a fair chance to try and try again, and take critiques onboard if they so wish. But even that has nothing to do with supporting Fame Games 2.0. If you want to be a part of it, and if you can manage to help NOW – before Fame Games 2.0 launches – then do so without any reservations. And if you have reservations, then don’t do it! Or write to us and ask us to clarify things for you. We personally answer ALL emails.

Q: I want to donate something. How much should it be?
A: We propose that you first and foremost decide what amount you can “live without.” A $10 to $40 donation, either one-off or monthly for the next 3 months may be within your comfort zone. Monthly donations between $40 and $100 will automatically qualify you for FREE BETA-TESTING of our music-wealth building programs as soon as they are released. Any higher amounts will guarantee top priority for you and personal support during the beta-test period.

Q: When should I donate?
A: NOW. Time is precious and the sooner we can hit our target the better for you and everyone involved.

An early prototype “look”

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