If you read the September issue of our newsletter, you already know that we’re working hard on putting Fame Games 2.0 together.

We want it to be something quite extraordinary, different to anything else out there, empowering, enriching in more ways than one – simple, but powerful.

The good news: we’re moving forward, the concept gets tighter by the minute, our confidence that we’ll achieve exactly what we set out to achieve is growing.

The not-so-good news: it’s taking the time it takes. Can we manage a launch by November, as planned? It depends on the level of support we get… from you! At this point, we’ll be lucky if we can have a partial launch by December. But… let’s see.

Here’s what Fame Games 2.0 will aim to achieve:

  • Creating a new kind of networking community for the independent artists where mutually compatible parties can get together seamlessly (artists with fans with reviewers with advertisers with radio stations with labels with sponsors…) – in a unique manner we haven’t seen implemented before. (About 60% developed already, programmers wanted!)

  • Creating a fiendishly clever system where artists can generate substantial music-related incomes within 3-6 months from joining (this is being tested now and the initial results are very promising indeed! We’re already earning a little bit from this, but we’re now working to fool-proof it and scale it, to be able to offer it to YOU!).

  • Creating a mutually-profitable opt-in network of terrestrial and digital radio stations and plug it into the Fame Games 2.0 system. (This is now fully developed conceptually, just needs programming!)

  • Launching a new type of fan-incentive program to increase participation and awareness of this initiative. (Similar to the artist career program but with lots of other fun and interactive things thrown in.)

  • Creating a thriving “label hub” for cutting-edge international A&R, unrestricted by the current rules of the game. (About 75% developed.)

  • Providing a “roadmap to success” for all indie artists – a carefully designed system which interactively maps out your artistic progress, tracks it and suggests course alterations as you go! (About 85% developed.)

  • Introducing an easily-adaptable campaign scalability on all levels. (Partially developed.)

  • Unifying all the key players in the independent service niche.  (The concept is worked out, but we’ll have to leave the implementation for later – this one will depend on the implementation of the other elements here, initially at least.)

  • Granting all artists unrestricted access to airplay on merit! (Fully developed conceptually, but needs re-launching properly.)

  • Launching a diversified and at least partially fan-and-artist-driven 24-hour broadcast and web/pod-cast service. (Partially developed.)

  • Complete integration of all of the above under a simple interface. (Partially developed, in fact you’ll be blown away when you finally see it. It looks hot and is dead simple.)

We’ve devised, structured and described a powerful system just like that, and it contains ideas and initiatives never seen before on the web, and certainly not on the scale we aim to introduce it in. We’re working on parallel tracks with up to a dozen wholly diversified (but related) projects each and every day – no weekends, no time outs.

Our advantages include our fierce determination, “relative stealth” (because we’re small) as well out-of-the-box thinking made possible by our rather unique history and placement within the Radio and Records industries. Our project has so many differential and innovative factors that it’s enough to create a half dozen new ventures, never mind one! We are or have been on virtually ALL sides of the multiple fences and our insights into how to make all this work are pretty incisive!

What works against us is limited time and ridiculously low budget – plus many really heavy external pressures. No worries about energy and clear vision – we’ve got plenty of both! But it is a David vs Goliath scenario, where this Goliath is more like a multi-headed Hydra than just a plain vanilla giant.

Implementation plan:

All depending on how well our funding drive goes, we’ll either launch the whole system all-at-once, or at least in fully-developed modules – or – we’ll be dribbling it bit by little bit. What we have NO doubt about is that we are indeed ABLE to launch it all with or without outside help, and the difference between the two scenarios will simply be TIME.


If you are one of the handful of our active supporters, we thank you more than words can say. As important as your donations is KNOWING that you care and are supporting this mission – and us, as people!

We will make sure that you’ll have priority in free beta-testing of this career-changing project, and our friendship it always yours!

Are you a Programmer? Web developer? Entrepreneur? Investor? Contact us urgently about joint-venturing with us!

If you haven’t yet decided whether you want to support this mission, think of it this way: what other grass-roots, heartfelt missions with clear goals, high profitability potential (for you too!), and solid people behind it do you know about? And which one from among those will help YOU in a direct way to achieve even a fraction of what your dreams are made of?

It’s not just us, counting on your support. It’s the entire independent music community!

Be among the FIRST to recognize it and
SUPPORT it to the hilt TODAY!


The Fame Games site is partially down!

You will have noticed that www.meermusic.com and www.famegamesradio.com has changed “a wee bit.”

Two factors played into that. Firstly we got attacked with an “injection attack” by some unknown hackers and it resulted in the entire system crashing. Secondly, our hosting cost was crippling us and we had to scale down – temporarily.

We’ll try to return the site to full functionality within the next few weeks.

  • Best case scenario: 3 weeks.

  • Worst case: re-launch together with Fame Games 2.0.

(BTW: as always, don’t forget to check out our ‘Fun Pics’!)

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