music business planIf you’re serious about your music career you need to think of it like a proper business and create a music business plan that lays out your plan and goals so that you can stay on target.

The simple guide below will help you rapidly create a music business plan that you can revisit and revise as you develop in the music industry

1. Summary – this is an overview description of your music business and what you are trying to achieve. You might include details of the marketing methods you are going to use and the gap your are going to fill.

2. Goals – any business plan should have a clear set of goals that are achievable yet challenging. These will change over time as you reach further and further but will always keep you on track.

3. Targets – now that you have a clear set of goals for your music business plan you need to set deadlines and targets to make sure that you are always moving forward.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” Super cheesy I know 🙂

4. Market – before you ever start promoting your music, you need to know what fans you are going after and why they are going to be interested. Even if you are totally original you need to find a set of fans that have a high probability of liking what you do

4. Marketing plan – a set of steps to reach your perfect fan.

5. Release dates – your music business plan should include a number of music releases even if they are just digital. This will give your marketing a focus.

6. Contacts – list of key people who will help you achieve your goals.

7. Process maps –  these are basically the habits you need to create everyday if you are going to achieve your goals. For instance if you want to get a music agent you might have to research and contact five people every day.

Final thoughts.

Now that you have created a workable music marketing plan you are ahead of 99% of other musicians trying to make it, and you should have a much better chance of success.

Good luck!

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