The Online Music Business Crusher – Silver Membership

The purpose of the “Silver” membership is to allow you to get your feet wet and take in the entire course – minus the detailed workshops for some of the concepts contained within Book 3.

  • Price: $9 one-off
  • Includes: 3 PDF Music Business Crusher courses with the latest time-stamp (not always as up-to-date as the online version). Book 1 – Introduction, Book 2 – Your Music, Book 3 – Your Business
  • Partial includes: Parts of the course are also available live (online) as well (they’re always the most up-to-date and have interactive comments, etc).
  • Not included: All bonus materials, additional resources and extended in-depth courses (most of which are related to the action part in Book 3).
  • Upgrade policy:
    • Gold membership: $12 per month
    • Platinum membership: $23 per month

See also: The Crusher Options

music business brusher book 1
Online Music Business Crusher (Silver)
The Online Music Business Crusher is a multi_part course for the independent artists and musicians who wish to establish a self-sustaining career even before they "make it". The "Silver" membership allows you to download all 3 parts of the course in PDF format. You will not have access to the bonus sections, however. For that you will want to upgrade.
Price: $9.00

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