The Online Music Business Crusher – Gold Membership

The purpose of the “Gold” membership is to give you the full basic course including interactivity and most of the bonus materials, but the detailed workshops for some of the concepts contained within Book 3 as well as direct consulting are not included.

  • Price: $12 monthly
  • Includes: 3 PDF Music Business Crusher courses with the latest time-stamp (not always as up-to-date as the online version). Book 1 – Introduction, Book 2 – Your Music, Book 3 – Your Business – all available in live online and PDF versions. Also bonus courses and bonus links and resources are included.
  • Not included: The extended in-depth sub-courses (most of which are related to the action part in Book 3).
  • Upgrade policy:
    • Platinum membership: $23 per month

See also: The Crusher Options

music business brusher book 1
Online Music Business Crusher (Gold)
The Online Music Business Crusher is a multi_part course for the independent artists and musicians who wish to establish a self-sustaining career even before they "make it". The "Gold" membership allows you full access to everything except the extended detailed sub-courses related to Book 3, and one-on-one support. For that you will want to upgrade.
Price: $12.00

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