Fame Games Edition: 183
First Airing Date: Jun 20, 2008
Interviewer: DJ Crier

Enjoy this Fame Games interview with former ABC Radio Networks Vice-president, and President of Bridge Ratings, Dave van Dyke.

What, in Dave’s expert view, is needed for indie music to gain mainstream acceptance? What does a typical PD (Program Director) think when programming stations? Are programs like Fame Games the answer? Listen to this interview and find out.

This interview was recorded shortly after ABC syndicated Fame Games in the US, and touches on many important issues concerning independent music and radio. Of interest to anyone whos into music and radio.

NOTE: After a year and a half of ABC syndication, Fame Games’ parent company, MMI, decided to syndicate the show through Envision Radio Networks in association with Triton/DialGlobal Radio Networks.

Part 1

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