Independent Music Artist Online Distribution Guide

This is an informational product from independent-music-distribution.com, first released in March 2007, but this version is updated to 2010. It’s a great guide to how to sell your music worldwide online with iTunes, MSN, Yahoo, Sony, Virgin and more. In addition IMD describes its selling points as:

  • contacting online distributors including all the contact information to submit your music right now and sell your music in the largest online stores on the internet

  • inexpensive marketing techniques to promote your music release yourself to get the exposure you need for success

  • other pointers that will help you get the exposure you are looking for as an independent artist.

  • setting a corporation (your self which is very easy) to treat your music as a business

  • protecting your music (if you did not file your copyright protection yet)

R.ecommended.com have only just started tracking this, so they can’t tell what the return rate an customer satisfaction is.

IMReportCard.com has no rating for this.

We found this product most interesting and comprehensive. As with any such product, it’s ultimately up to you to make things work, but as far as information goes, what we found here is really excellent.

Click on the image above to go to the “IMD”  page, then, after reading through click on the “Purchase” link  and you’re all set!

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