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  • BOOKMARKS – When you sign up as a premium member, you can use the “Bookmark” feature. It will appear on each page of the site, and whenever you want to mark a page as something you’ll want to return to, just click on it. To retrieve it later, simply go to your “Member Profile and Bookmarks” page and scroll down. All your bookmarks will be there. You can later delete those bookmarks which you no longer need.
  • COMMENTS – Whenever there’s something that you want explained more in-depth, feel free to post your question on the relevant chapter page. I will always post my reply there (just don’t forget to sign up to comments). You’re also welcome to post your own suggestions of ideas there to share with other members.
  • MEMBER LEVELS – As you’ll see on the relevant pages, your access to the on-site content and features depends on your membership level. Since the pricing is, I believe, very moderate, pick your member level basing on your needs.
    • The highest level (Platinum) pretty much assumes that you want to really seriously do this thing.
    • The Gold level is for you if you don’t want to spend time on understanding the finer details of online marketing (although I would recommend that you do anyway – you’ll need to understand them in order to explain to your team what to do!).
    • The Silver level is really just to let you get a feel for this thing. If you’re seriously planning to build a music business online – the Silver level will probably not have “all” the tools you’ll need. But it will have all the basics.
  • CONTENT UPDATES – The content of this site and course will be updated more or less every day. Most commonly – the comments. Both the Crusher members as well as myself will be posting there regularly, I would imagine. All the latest comments will be shown on the sidebar so you’ll always know what to look for. Once in a while I will also make changes in the books and online chapters and in those cases, I will post revision info right here online in a special section I will create for it. As for any major revisions, I will post info about that directly to your mailbox.
  • QUESTIONS – If you ever get stuck or need help, either post your question within the comments area underneath each chapter of the course – or drop me a line to

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