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Would you like some of Paul’s professional feedback on your music?

If so, send your demo in MP3 format (or a WORKING link to an easily accessible and good quality online file) to: Paul has worked with just about all musical styles you can think of, so there’s no particular style or genre that is preferred. Any production level (from raw-one-take to fully-blown production) is fine.

  • Accepted reviews – good or bad, but always constructive – will get published, subject to Paul’s discretion, on our blog and promoted to our network.
  • Paul will let you know if he can’t (or won’t) review your work within 1 working day from receiving your request. If you don’t hear back from him, send him another request – some emails mysteriously disappear and never get delivered! Paul replies to ALL emails he actually gets.
  • We can’t promise how fast your review will be completed. Usually it takes no more than a week, but it can take longer sometimes. More often than not, it’s just a couple of days. Each review takes Paul no less than an hour to do, sometimes longer.
  • There is NO CHARGE for a review, but if you’re overwhelmed with positive emotions, you are encouraged to donate! Your donation will help bring Fame Games 2.0 another step closer to reality. If you do donate, any nice round amount is good.
    • $5 will bring a sincere smile to our faces.
    • $10 will make us break into brief applause
    • $25 will make some of us well up
    • $50 will make us say a fast prayer for you
    • $100 will leave us speechless for an hour
    • $500+ will make us go back and rewrite your review, inserting superlatives all over the place… Nah. But you will get listed as one of the official Fame Games 2.0 sponsors, when it finally re-launches!
    • ANY amount – you’ll have our eternal gratitude.
  • Do not feel you “have to” donate. You DO NOT. But if you decide you want to, you can do it either before or after you receive your review. It won’t affect the outcome of the review one bit.
  • You are encouraged to leave your feedback either below the published review or right here on this page in the Comments section.

Why would you want Paul to review your music? Here are some potential reasons:

  • You feel particularly masochistic today.
  • You want someone with over 30 years worth of laps around the music business world to finally see what good music sounds like.
  • You just want honest, unbiased and very constructive feedback and some decent advice. Paul has professionally reviewed hundreds of artists. No complaints have ever been recorded – not from the ones who received kudos or the ones who got kudon’ts. 😉

You DON’T want to order a review if:

  • You value platitudes over substance.
  • Your skin tears when the wind blows.
  • You already know how good your music is.
  • You’re argumentative and combative when someone expresses an opinion about what you do.


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