Fame Games Round 256 – The Final

Includes 256 Final – the LAST FG show. Ft. Jessica Loren – “DNA” (Defending Track of the Week Winner), Hype Theory – “We Will Be Signing”, Lauren Mazur – “In The Way”, Bryan Eich – “Heaven’s Just a Feeling”, Bobby Tinsley – “What About Bob?”, View From Everest – “Trembling”

Fame Games 256 – Semifinals

Includes 256 Semifinals – featuring Spy Nation, The Zoup, Lauren Mazur, Bryan Eich, Dastards, Gareth Asher, Ribkat & Josy B, Bobby Tinsley, Mikey Power, Carina K, A´tris, View From Everest – and lots of fun was had all around by your trusty Fame Games crew – Laura, Paul, Graham, Sid, Lexy and Jake.

Fame Games 256 – Quarterfinal

Includes 256 Q-shows – ft. Kilroy Was Here, Brian Mccoy, Stefani Scovolo, Latino Royalty, The Max, Mark Abis, Alluvion, Bryan Eich, Dr Mary, Prettiest Meltdown, Lauren Mazur, Killer Heels, Hype Theory, Pale Soul, Lauren Strange, The Zoup, Jessica Loren, Mikey Power, Inner Voices, J-Zohar, Clint Crisher, and more

Archived Shows

There are HUNDREDS of Fame Games shows which we have on our backup servers… the only issue now is finding the time to upload them here and set them up on the site for all to re-live once again. We’ll do it eventually… stay tuned!

The Effigy Awards Shows

This is the third annual Effigy Awards show from 2010, featuring hundreds of artists in over 70 categories. The show will serve as a great reminder of the kind of talent we featured on Fame Games, and will make you want to follow the winners.

Show 233 Video

Includes 233 Q-shows, Semifinals and Finals – featuring Lee Whittaker, All Day Sucker, Vertigo, Hero’s Last Mission, Keegan Smith & The Fam, Doctor Mary, Two Spot Gobi, Rockizoid, Chix 6, Clint Crisher, Highlines

Show 232 Video

Includes 232 Q-shwos, Semis and Finals – featuring A Dull Science, Underwhelmed, Philos, Beckon Q, Highlines, Chix 6, Finding Jimmy Hoffa, Keegan Smith & The Fam, Christopher Scott Hamilton, Two Spot Gobi

Show 231 Video

Includes 231 Q-shows, Semis and Finals – featuring Beckon Q, Thad Reid, Keegan Smith & The Fam, Philos, Heather Wiggins, Lee Whittaker, Natalie Semkiw, Jason Zerbin, The Sanderson Pitch, All Day Sucker

Show 230 Video

Includes 230 Q-shows, Semis and Finals – ft. Twaang, Philos, Beckon Q, Keegan Smith & The Fam, Underwhelmed, Chix 6, Lee Whittaker, Two Seconds Away, Ribkat and JosyB, Derek Stroker, Midori & Audioclique

Show 229 Video

Includes 229 Q-shows, Semis and Finals – ft. Red Goodbye, Venice Maki, Tha Final Chapter, Underwhelmed, Keegan Smith & The Fam, Lee Whittaker, Underwhelmed, Ray Scott Pardue, JosyB, Beckon Q, Will Champlin, Kelly Pettit, Jason Adamo

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