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I will compile your questions as they come in, and post my most reasonable answers in this section. Also feel free to post questions in the comments below.

  • Q: Can these concepts work for the full time job person who isn’t going to quit his day job unless these ideas show better financial return? (Posted by Kelly)
    • A: People who have steady and reliable jobs, but who wish to strike out on their own, have a legitimate dilemma. As with anything, the ideas in this course demand time and attention – and great execution. It is therefore very important to take the rational approach!
    • Firstly, just read through the course and let its ideas germinate. Do you feel it? Do you see yourself doing something like this hands-on? Do you see yourself merely supervising something like this? Is it fun? Exciting? Or is this just something that is “good to know” and you leave it at that?
    • Most people who are employed and have a steady situation would NOT be advised to dump everything and try this system to the exclusion of everything else! This system is really best for those who want to try something new in their spare time – or those who are desperate in their current situation.
    • The Crusher system can not “guarantee” success – it only describes the steps I and others took to make things work. You can make these same ideas work just as well for you, or better – or worse.
    • The world is increasingly moving “online”. Knowing how to set up something like this is increasingly important – no matter whether you will actually do it or not. The “Crusher” methods are simply the most reliable and proven ones that I know – no dirty little tricks in there, no risky strategies.
    • Most people with day jobs should be able to find an hour or two each day to gradually implement such a project.
    • And if they’re prudent, they’ll outsource as much of that work as possible to outsiders. So, the only real “work” would be to read the course books just to have a good understanding. If they then outsource the work, they’ll risk only a small amount of capital and wind up with something useful and cool which will do a good job for them as a promotional vehicle, no matter what.
    • Some of them will gradually step things up – also using outsourcers – and eventually incomes will start coming in. At some point, they’ll be in a position to decide whether their new business is enough of a job replacement for them – or not. Either way, they’ll have productive fun.

More to come!

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