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The Halloween season is upon us, and you can start to feel it here in NYC.  The air is cooling off, and these Park Slope houses are starting to dress up for the occasion.  The well-decorated houses are looking scary, and the half-baked ones are almost scarier…

We’re doing our part here at Cyber PR to get you into the spooky spirit.  Below you will find an eclectic mix of music that is inspired by the dark, the supernatural, and anything and everything haunting.


Mash On? More like Monster Mash on!  Check out the monster mix of this BluRum13 track taken from his album ‘Inverted’.

Brian Larney

For years singer-songwriter Brian Larney had been a band guy quietly amassing a solo back catalog of exquisite pop-rock. From his latest release, “At The Starting Line” Larney has penned the beautifully written roots-pop song “Whistling Past the Graveyard”. The video above is a demo recording so be sure to listen to the final studio version here.

Chaser Eight

Chaser Eight

Halloween is steeped in historical and Gaelic influence to commemorate the newly departed that have yet to reach the next world (heaven, sainthood, etc.), hence being before All Saint’s Day. In fact, this practice was to help loved ones reach their destination and to help keep bad spirits away. It’s also to commemorate the beginning of winter, or the “dark part of the year”.  In the spirit (pun intended) of this dark time (pun intended), a song like Addict is a perfect complement for the premise above… Check out Chaser Eight’s new ‘At the 426 EP’ here.

Elisa Korenne

Eilsa Korenne

And then there’s Andy the Lightbulb Eater.  He’s a real person (come on, could we make that up?).  In our eyes, that is just next level scary. Why is it such a dark world that Andy lives in?  He eats all the lightbulbs… obviously. Check out Elisa Korenne’s album ‘Concrete’ here.

Jody Quine

Jody Quine collaborated with Sleepthief to write ‘Tenuous’, a song about a husband who dies and then stalks his wife until she is inspired to join him… the accompanying video is beautifully shot and the song is melodically haunting.  Check out music from Jody Quine’s new EP “Seven” here.

Kelley James


Kelley James’s music is a fascinating collection of acoustic guitars, hip-hop beats, thoughtful lyrics and freestyle flows. Listen to more tracks from his new album “The Pattern Transcending” here.

Pete Calandra

Pete Calandra

The New York City-based composer and keyboard player has scored 40 films, written over 2000 compositions for television broadcast, including 37 theme packages, and performed as a musician in the Broadway productions of Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, The Phantom Of The Opera, The Lion King, and Little Shop Of Horrors. Pete Calandra’s composition above is the opening theme to the stop animation film ‘Halloween Pranksta’. Listen to Pete’s album ‘Ashokan Memories’ here.

R Michael Rhodes

Partnered with the National Runaway Safeline, R Michael Rhodes came up with the concept of the video for his song ‘Chasin’ Ghosts’ while at church; a father who never met his daughter is haunted by the fact that she’s runaway. Check out R Michael Rhodes album “Please Remember Me” here.

Solveig & Stevie

Who doesn’t love Zombies?  Well, maybe if you found yourself with a “walker” going to town on your precious brains, you wouldn’t be too fond I suppose… One thing’s for sure: nobody likes a Zombie Lover. Check out music from Solveig & Stevie’s ‘Zombie Lover’ here.

Ted Brown

For those who get their thrills and chills from pure visuals, this video that accompanies ‘I Bet Myself’ by Ted Brown will leave you looking for that creepy carnival clown to appear around the next corner. Check out Ted Brown’s recent solo release “An Unwide Road” here.



YUCA’s majestic rock n’ roll evokes the uplifting and otherworldly textures of Muse, Coldplay, and U2, but injects a propulsive drive that’s purely rock n’ roll. YUCA’s track above, “Skeletal Desires” is less about scary things that go pump in the night, and more about simply celebrating being human. Listen to more from YUCA’s album Rebuilding the Fallen Empire here.

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