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The Online Music Business Crusher

The PRACTICAL online music business blueprint which can allow you to successfully sustain yourself solely from your music and music-related activities. Knowing WHAT to do is half the success. In Online Music Business Crusher we show you HOW to do it.


Learn from the mistakes of those who came before you. Get a fuller understanding of why so many very talented artists have failed and why you can, and indeed should, succeed.


Get the full overview of all the elements you’ll need to succeed, and find out how best to use them to your advantage.


Discover all the tools you have available at your fingertips and learn what can be outsourced and what can be done by you in-house.


Take control of your own life and career and discover how to turn your hobby into a lucrative business.

Selected features of the Online Music Business Crusher

The Online Music Business Crusher (OMBC) consists of three major parts

  1. Part 1: Introduction and Background – We discuss the broad topics of how the music business works and how it has changed as the result of the Internet revolution. We also provide lots of industry anecdotes and lessons from our own experience.  Over 50 pages of solid and illuminating content, pictures and videos. Available in online version in the members area as well as a separate PDF eBook.
  2. Part 2: Focus on Your Music – Here you’ll get clear actionable ideas on how to ensure that your music is not only properly developed and produced but also correctly targeted at your ideal market. Over 50 pages of content, special reports, pictures and videos. Available in online version in the members area as well as a separate PDF eBook.
  3. Part 3: Achieving Full Independence With Your Music – Unlike all other courses we know, we provide you with step by step instructions not only for how to eventually succeed with your music but also on how to comfortably survive while you’re getting there. This set of eBooks is over 500 long and contains over 20 hours of no-fluff videos.

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Key chapters in Part 1, “Introduction”:

  • book1-cover250How Is This Course OrganizedAbout this course and it’s three major parts.
  • ForewordBackground information for how this course was inspired.
  • Why I Created This CourseMore about my “why” for creating this course, including some minor anecdotes and stories.
  • Indie or Record Deal?Helping you decide what is better for you to strive for – an indie career or that elusive record deal.
  • Isn’t It All About Having a Top Hit?Evaluating your chances – do you have any in a hit-dominated world?
  • Is Music Still Selling?What kind of a business can realistically be built by an indie musician?
  • What about A&R?Do you need A&R as an indie?
  • Your Competition: It’s a Level Playing Field. Sort of.Should you worry about your (overwhelming) competition?
  • So, Once Again – Indie or Major?By this point you should be able to answer this question much more definitively and with conviction.
  • Understanding Before Planning, Planning Before ActingOr how to get your career off to a flying start.
  • So what do I mean by “work”? What do you have to do?An overview of the kind of things you’ll need to do.
  • Structuring Your Broad Business PlanA conceptual overview of your blueprint for success.
  • The Broad PlanKey points to keep in mind and meditate on.
  • If There Was Only ONE Thing You Had To Do…So what do you think is the most important component of your business?
  • Building Your Audience – General tips on how best to build an audience.
  • ObjectionsThings people come up with in order not to succeed.
  • The Big PictureA wrap up of the first part of this course.

Key chapters in Part 2, “Your Music”:

  • book2-cover250Getting The Product Right, Or Is Your Music Good Enough? Ensuring that your music finds an audience and thrives there.
  • A concise songwriting checklist Here are some ideas and thought-tools for you to consider when writing your songs.
  • A concise checklist for the self-producing artistAnd here are the things a good producer keeps in mind.
  • Session Players, Engineers, Coaches and Other Supporting ExpertsWhether you’re a one-man-band or a member of a real band, consider these suggestions.
  • Vocal Considerations More often than not, vocal production is key to your success. Here’s what to keep in mind.
  • Dirty Production Tricks Sometimes, when all your efforts fail, there are still things you can do to make a great production.
  • The A&R ProcessPossibly the most important aspect of your music business is A&R, at least as far as finding your market is concerned.
  • Audience Research and Feedback, An Aspect of A&RWho exactly is your audience and how to discover it.
  • Your Image As much as you may hate to admit it, your image is an integral part of your success as an artist.
  • Your Music vs Your Business If you’re an artist should that mean you can’t also make a living from your art? Boloney!
  • Your Art And Your IncomesIdeas for monetizing your fan base.
  • Turbo-Charging Your Music SalesTips and tricks for boosting the bottom line.
  • Fan and Audience List BuildingUnderstanding the nature of your marketing list.
  • Building Fans Using EmailSome marketing tricks you will want to know about.
  • Building Fans Using Social Networks – Leveraging your web presence to your and your fans’ advantage.
  • Building Fans Through Contests, Gigs and Song Submissions
  • Building Fans via Press Releases and Promotion Venues
  • Your Own Site As the Ultimate Fan-Building MachineThe sorts of things you or someone on your team will need to do every day.
  • Getting Fans From Your Local MarketYour music business starts at home.
  • Your Team and Your Operational BudgetPeople you need to have on your side and how to pay for them.

Key chapters in Part 3, “Your Business”:

  • book3-cover250Setting up your site – Sub-chapters include “Building Your Web Business”, “Setup”, “Domain and Hosting”, “WordPress setup”, “Plugins and Features”, “Integration”, “Extended and Social Setup”, “Keyword Research”, “SEO and SEM Considerations”, “Important Subscriptions”, “Must-have Tools” and more.
  • Design and Graphics – Sub-chapters include a huge graphics and templates library as well as “Design Considerations”, “Customizations and Tweaks”, “Key Differential Factors” and more.
  • Content Creation – Sub-chapters include “Major and Minor Social Networks”, “Music Networks”, “Audience Engagement”, “Written Content Development”, “Video Content”, “Integration”, “Copywriting”, “Blogging”, “Interactivity”, “Your Bio and EPK”, “Reviews”, “Interviews” and much more.
  • Promotion – Sub-chapters include “Promotion and Marketing”, “Organic vs Paid Visits”, “Calculation Considerations”, “Best Networks”, “Ad Creation Course”, “Scaling Up”, “Budgeting”, “Autoresponders”, “Product Selection and Development”, “Multiple Income Sources”, “Landing Pages and List Building”, “Membership Sites”, and much more.
  • Monetization – Sub-chapters include “Monetizing Your Music”, “Your Music Merchandise”, “Musical Income Diversification, Licensing, Services and More”, “Supplementary Auto-Pilot Incomes”, “Sales Funnel Creation”, “Building Affiliates and Street Teams”, “Supplementary Products and Giveways”, and much more.
  • Managing Your Music Company – Sub-chapters include “Budgeting”, “Incomes vs Costs”, “Even More Income Streams”, “Daily Monitoring”, “Maintenance”, “Outsourcing”, “Site Management and Business Management”, “Offline vs Online Presence”, “Expert Costs”, “Future Projections”, “Tools and Resources” and more.
  • Additionally, you will find over 30 full video sub-courses on the various subjects above.

crusher-book-3dThorough explanation of all the topics and issues you’ll need to be familiar with in order to create your own online music business.

Access to live and regularly updated content.

This is your go-to online music AND marketing resource.

Personal support options.

Much more!

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