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  1. Damon Nailer


    My name is Damon “DaRil” Nailer and I am an independent hip-hop artist. I have just released my fourth CD and I am currently receiving airplay on internet stations including Pandora, podcasts, international stations, and local stations. I would like to receive information regarding your music submission policies.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Bridgette Angelique

    I had a artist page here and it wont let me login and cant find my email address. Was it deleted ?

    • PS

      Hey Bridgette, Fame Games remains on hold until further notice. We’re quietly working on rebooting and relaunching it, but the going is so much slower than we would have liked. But we’re doing all we can to eventually get there again. Stay tuned!!

  3. johnny tiger

    hello dear music fame games friends,

    mu name is ‘johnny tiger’ singer-songwriter from Belgium, i would like to join youre company of fame games, so i can upload my compositions,
    at this moment it wouldn’t work… so i am gonna contact youre company also by mail…

    all the best..
    p.s years ago i had a login, but i don’t know the username and password anymore, would you give me some information, thanks a lot, ‘johnny tiger’ belgium


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