Black Flag's New Album Is Called What The..., Features Amazingly Terrible Cover Art

Greg Ginn’s Black Flag reunion–not to be confused with FLAG, the other Black Flag reunion project—is releasing a new album, out November 5, as the iTunes listing reveals (via BrooklynVegan). Yes, that up there is the Nicktoons-esque album cover. The record is aptly titled What The… 

Check out the tracklist below. There are titles such a “Slow Your Ass Down”, “Give Me All Your Dough”, and “You Gotta Be Joking”. They’ve already let go two tracks from it, “Down in the Dirt” and “Wallow in Despair”. This is Black Flag’s first album since 1985’s In My Head.

This incarnation of Black Flag also features 1979-era vocalist Ron Reyes, bassist Dave Klein (of Screeching Weasel), and drummer Gregory Moore (who has played with Ginn’s project Gone).

Ginn recently lost a motion for preliminary injunction against former Black Flag members Henry Rollins, Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski, Dez Cadena, and Bill Stevenson, in a trademark lawsuit over the Black Flag logo that is still pending.

Watch Black Flag play “My War” in 1985 after this:

What The…:

?01 My Heart’s Pumping?
02 Down in the Dirt
?03 Blood and Ashes
?04 Now Is the Time?
05 Wallow in Despair
?06 Slow Your Ass Down
?07 It’s so Absurd?
08 Shut Up
?09 This Is Hell?
10 Go Away?
11 The Bitter End
?12 The Chase
?13 I’m Sick
?14 It’s Not My Time to Go-Go
?15 Lies?
16 Get Out of My Way
?17 Outside
?18 No Teeth
?19 To Hell and Back?
20 Give Me All Your Dough
?21 You Gotta Be Joking
?22 Off My Shoulders

Source: Pitchform News

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