It's Only Fitting...

… that one of the world’s best international schools has one of the world’s best music programs.

Sotogrande International School and MMI Studios have teamed up!

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An Already-Excellent Music Program...

… has just turned pro. Now, the most talented SIS students can develop their talent in a state-of-the-art recording studio. Complete with live and current international music industry links!

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Professional Artist Development...

… couldn’t have come to a more deserving school. The SIS music department is already well-known for churning out well-rounded young artists – not just academics. And now, they can go much further still!

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We've Only Just Begun...

We started our pro artist development with selected SIS students back in January 2015. The result so far? One UK record deal signed, a collaboration with a #1 hit artist ready for release in early 2016, another collaboration with a top international act currently in negotiation. And we’re just getting warmed up!

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We Kicked Off The New School Year In Style

In late August 2015 we organized a “Rock Camp” for SIS kids, average age 10. After 5 days of intensive work, we’ve churned out 14 cover CDs and 2 original group tracks… Both of the original tracks are receiving high accolades from our industry partners in the UK. Where might that lead? Who knows…

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Ongoing Talent Search at SIS

Just a few samples of what’s cooking here… (click to see)

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Music Business Crusher

“The Crusher” is a MASSIVE multi-volume course, guiding you step by step through the maze of MODERN music promotions. Be the first to grab your copy – click on “The Crusher” menu above.

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Fame Games Radio

Fame Games Radio was the #1 independent music show in the world from 2006 to 2010, clocking up over 6,000,000 listeners even before its syndication with ABC Radio Networks in the US.

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FG 2.0?

We’re now introducing an extremely in-depth music business course showing you how to REALLY launch your career. We call it The Online Music Business Crusher. Could it be a prequel to Fame Games 2.0…?

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music business crusher

Your Music Career Roadmap

Transform the way you think about your music. Don’t think of it as just a hobby with a vague potential. Think of it as a sure-fire way to build your career, starting now.

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Can You Live Off Your Music?

Most talented artists are stopped in their tracks simply by lack of funds to continue. The Online Music Business Crusher will show you how you can live off your music even while you’re building your career.

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Not A Stone Left Unturned

The Online Music Business Crusher is truly comprehensive. You get detailed explanations of difficult concepts, videos, articles, link resources and other bonus materials – for less than you spend on lunch!

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Personal Guidance

Our Platinum members also get one-on-one consultations with us – fully included in the (really low) price of the Online Music Business Crusher course. To top it off, you can generate passive incomes by simply promoting it to your friends!

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Step By Step

Learn exactly how it’s done. Each step is meticulously explained. Once you go through this course you will have just about all your need to replace your job at your fingertips.

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Artist Interviews

Listen to selected interviews with some of the best artists ever featured on Fame Games.

Expert Interviews

Enjoy these exclusive Fame Games interviews with some of the world’s top music experts.

fame games celebrity interviews

Celebrity Interviews

Many world-famous artists supported Fame Games. Here are some of the interviews we did at the time.

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Regularly posted articles about independent music and artists today.

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Old Shows

Stroll down the memory lane! We’re restoring as many of the old shows as we can.


The latest news from the Fame Games playground, including the Online Music Crusher program.

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Find out more about us, our past, present and future.

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Occasionally we take requests and do reviews of your music. Hit us up and see what we think!

The Way We Were…

Here’s a little nostalgic look at what Fame Games Radio used to be.

We don’t yet know what Fame Games 2.0 will look like, or even if we’ll decide to relaunch it in the end

This will, to a large extent, depend on you and your feedback.

If you wish to find out more about the Fame Games history, peruse this site and also check out the About Us section.

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